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There are many reasons why you may need storage facilities, either while having renovations or repairs to your property, or a gap between selling your house and purchasing a new property.  What ever the reason, if you need to store your household contents for a few days, weeks, months or indefinitely there is no time limit, we can help you.


We offer the service of secure storage which means that all of your furniture and personal effects will be stored safely and securely in wooden containers and the containers are then housed within a secure warehouse.


The storage system we operate is secure storage so that you would not be able to have access to the contents whilst in our possession.  This in turn provides a secure environment for your contents to be stored.



There will be a charge for collecting the contents from your present home and placing your goods into store.  The storage is charged on a weekly basis.  Then a charge is made for removing the goods from the warehouse and delivering them to your new home.